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      Recent Updates

      Rocket to the Rickshaw

      Posted on October 2nd, 2010 by Mike | 1 comment

      Back home after our mini-tour of Eastern nada. Made it all the way; made the flights and made all the gigs and made it back home. A triumph of organization and logistics, by our standards.

      Big thanks to all the people who helped us: James and Melanie who booked and publicized, Nora and Marie and David and Monk and Fred who put us up, all the club staff and soundpeople, and especially all the bands who did us the favour of playing with us: Coffincheater, Unbelievers, Skullians, Delinquents, October Crisis, Diskonected, Evil Boys, Omegas, Whiskeyshits, Snatchback, Four-Stroke, Striver, Gerbia, and Buddha Bulldozer. I got to watch everybody’s sets from the merch table (highlight of the touring day), and there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t worth a listen.

      Next up: Saturday, October 16 at the Rickshaw Theatre, right in the heart of the picturesque Hastings and Main area of beautiful downtown Vancouver, with Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, and Fuel Injected .45.

      Last time we played with Mr. Jello B. in Vancouver was 1979, which is 31 years ago if you’re counting.

      Fall 2010 Tour Dates

      Posted on August 2nd, 2010 by Mike | 7 comments


      We’re going to play a few shows:

      Thu. Sept. 9, This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton, Ontario
      Fri. Sept. 10, Lee’s Palace, Toronto, Ontario
      Sat. Sept. 11, ll The Office, London, Ontario
      Thu. Sept. 16, Katacombes, Montreal, Quebec
      Fri. Sept 17, Mavericks, Ottawa, Ontario
      Sat. Sept 18, fé Bar L’Agitée, Quebec City, Quebec

      Further details to be posted if we ever figure them out.

      Same Incorrect Thoughts, Different Day

      Posted on April 4th, 2010 by Mike | 14 comments

      Same Thoughts, Different Day (Virus 404)

      On April 13, 2010, our new album, Same Thoughts, Different Day, will be released on Alernative Tentacles Records, in practilly every format known to humanity: as a CD, as a two-disc 12″ vinyl LP/EP set with included digital download rd, and as a digital download direct from all the usual lotions.

      This project is a bit unusual, so maybe we should explain. Way back in 1980 we released our first album, lled Incorrect Thoughts, on an independent Vancouver record label lled Friends Records. A few years later, after the original version of the band had broken up, and after some mysterious dealings that we were not party to, a version of that same record was released by a San Francisco record label. We were not pleased, considering that they re-mixed our songs without our involvement, re-ordered our album, added material